What is the Foster Care Crisis?

Currently, the US is in the middle of an opioid crisis that has led to an increased need for foster parents. On average, there are 443,000 children in the foster care system at one time. Mosaic exists to bridge the gap and offer support to foster parents and their children.




How Can You Help?

God has called us to help those that cannot help themselves, and that mandate includes displaced children. As individuals, we can't do everything, but everyone can do something. Whether that is making meals, donating money, or babysitting, there are a multitude of ways that we can offer service and love to those that are called to foster and adopt.

Are You Called to Foster or Adopt?

The Foster Care system is filled with hundreds of children - children from our neighborhoods - who need love, a family, and a safe place to live. We recognize that choosing to be a foster family or choosing to adopt can be an intimidating decision. It involves making room in your home and in your heart for those who need it most. Our team wants to help guide you as you consider this important role.

One goal of Mosaic is to offer support on an individual case-by-case basis to help remove financial barriers and make this mission a reality.